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sick college football hits and plays origaly to hands up by lloyd banks but had to change it because of copyright issues

28 Responses to “Southern University Band – Love Is The Key”

  • a7u0g6boi:

    Damn thats my jam!

  • cougar9311:

    This is my shxt!!!!

  • DoubleH20:

    The name of this song is “Love Is the Key”

  • samayirx12:

    @football21bj its kool is you a VA tech fan i am thanks for giving us some respect

  • johnnyboygeek99:

    @football21bj You like a team that had an assistant coach that rapes little boys? Nice team selection , BTW nice job against my Huskers ;)

  • JalenTerrell:

    you guys should check out Terrell Jana he is sick

  • jtizzlei:

    @keithyd I enjoyed what Virginia Tech did to FSU in the ACC Champ Game.. GO HOKIES

  • ghetto300:

    @rohaynes1 ehh i sorta forgot to tell you friday not to overlook baylor on the road. OSU did the same exact thing looking ahead and lost. And so did oregon.

  • rohaynes1:

    @ghetto300 we will jump oregon through strength of schedule. OU has won against 4 ranked opponents, and after the year is done it will be 6. LSU is a great team, sucks on offense, but i agree they will probbaly beat arkansas and maybe georgia in the sec champ, but no one comes close to OU when it comes to strength of schedule. if a 1 loss team is gonna play lsu for the nat champ it should be OU.

  • ghetto300:

    @rohaynes1 I don’t think georgia is going to beat lsu. But i do know lsu may need to keep an eye out for arkansas. and it’d be tricky if that happend. OU would have to worry about if oregon loses again to hope that they can jump up to number 2

  • rohaynes1:

    @ghetto300 OU is no joke on defense either, when they play like they should. stanford went down, boise state went down, and osu is going down dec 3rd in bedlam. could possibly see OU- LSU in the title game. BUT, if georgia beats lsu (which they probably will) we could have no teams from the sec represented in the title game. how can they give an sec team that cant even win their own conference a title shot?

  • ghetto300:

    @rohaynes1 Thats respectable. the big 12 is the 2nd best conference in my opinion. They have good offenses, but defense wins championships, and the SEC is known for defense

  • rohaynes1:

    @ghetto300 says you. given the big12 has a better non conference win loss record this year, more ranked teams in the bcs, and way better offenses i think the big12, as a conference, is better than the sec.

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  • sirdude114:

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  • 1LuckyNumberSlevin:

    man i would do everything to play football in america.
    greetings from germany ;)

  • ghetto300:

    SEC > any other conference

  • BrendanJ9:

    check out my football highlight tape, in route to transfer to any large FBS or PAC 10 school

  • 35nachocheese:

    93 people are soccer players

  • iLeaveCommenttz:

    Yea, your watchin a game with a bunch of jerks who shoot themselves in the legs at clubs and beat on their wife’s every night. COOL. Those guys get paid to play a one hour game.. Not very pure. College kids play for rights and props. GET REAL.

  • iLeaveCommenttz:


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  • cmcintyre1970:

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  • rfreebirdie:

    0:36 i woulda took the ball outa his hand instead of laying a possibly career ending hit, plus i coulda took it and ran it back for the TD. he was nowhere close to throwing it so he had time that was weak in my mind by tht penn state player

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