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University of Tennessee Bottle Opener Keychain

Officially licensed Bottle Opener Key Ring is made with nickel plated brass with a domed decoration and a lobster claw attachment to the split ring.

Price: $ 11.25


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bottle Suit TM – Made from 3 mm neoprene “wetsuit” rubber, Kolder’s Bottle Suit keeps your drink cold! Features include a full glued-in bottom and easy pull zipper. Insulates 12-ounce bottles. *Fits 12 oz. bottles *MSRP .99 *This auction is for (1) koozie

Price: $ 4.99

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University of Tennessee Bottle Opener Keychain

Price: $ 7.99

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bottle Coolie TM – Constructed from scuba foam, the Bottle Coolie is decorated with either a baseball or football pattern and the logo of your favorite NFL, MLB or college team. Kolder’s Bottle Coolie accommodates 12-ounce bottles and features an easy pull zipper and collapsible bottom. *Fits 12 oz. bottles *MSRP .99 *This auction is for (1) koozie

Price: $ 4.99

The Original Bottle Popper, Automatic Beer Bottle Opener, Tennessee Vol’s

  • Automatic Beer Botle opener twists cap off effortlessly while cap is caught at the bottom by a magnet!
  • Works on Twist-offs, Crown caps or fixed caps.
  • Great Portable bottle opener for Tailgating, Barbecues and Indoor Bar use.
  • Great for people who suffer from repetitive motion disorder or other wrist disorders.
  • Ingenious invention that will be the talk of the Party! Push Down spring loaded mechanism opens and releases effortlessly in on push down motion.

Officially Licensed NCAA University of Tennessee Volunteers Bottle Popper. The original Bottle Popper in school colors. This incredibly ingenious idea will be an asset to any beer drinker and or Tailgater for years to come! This Push Down automatic bottle opener has a spring loaded mechanism that twists the cap off, confines the cap and drops it down to be captured by the magnet at the bottom of the opener in one motion. No more chasing after run away bottle caps or expending more effort than needed, this bottle opener is the cure all! Popper is fully portable, no need for drilling holes in the wall for wall mounted openers and catchers. This item is also a useful barware tool for people who suffer from Carpal Tunnel or Repetitive Motion Disorder and will not aggravate this already painful affliction. Item come Brand new in gift box with window.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 10.49

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